Sunday, 7 October 2012


Brands are undoubtedly quite appealing, with each possessing it's own individuality and personality which transcends onto their clothes. They promise quality, amazing sartorial options and the titillation of having acquired something of value. But everything aside, very few things beat the thrill of acquiring pretty little pieces from street shops or stalls, especially when you least expect to come across anything exciting. I'd gone for a mini trip to Pune with my best friend this summer, when we stumbled upon this little street stall near Osho ashram in Koregaon Park. They had some really interesting pieces, and it was from there that I picked up this shirt. I absolutely adore the colors and the print, and the fact that I bought it for the rate of peanuts is just the cherry on the cake!

Shirt: Street stall, Pune
Neckpieces: Hill Road, Bombay
On my lips: Pleasure me red by Maybelline

Photographs by Ajay Koli. Go say hello to him here. :)


  1. I just love the photography.. One question though, why are your pics always so dark, mysterious and feels like wintry? :D I'd love to see you out in the sun, smiling and having fun too.. :)
    Love ur style! :)

    You're welcome to see my blog.. and maybe follow each other? :)

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  2. Loved your shirt :)
    also that lip color is very pretty..m sure getting it ;)

    Elegance Stylized Blog

  3. malavika!!!! awsome. trust me.ajay has done a good job. looking forward for a shoot with u again.:) cheers

  4. I so agree! There is a joy in finding a beautiful piece at street stalls! I love the print on the shirt!

  5. Your neck piece reminds me of Reese Witherspoon's, as seen here,,20568925,00.html

  6. i havent seen a more stunning face than yours!

  7. heyy malavika! love your style! lovely blog.. lovely photographs.. specially this one makes me miss bombay so much! best city ever!

    N im new to the blogging world..

  8. the pictures are amazing, i remember these streets from my childhood. ps. love your blog

  9. Love the watch .. which brand is it ?

  10. Suprb photos ...
    Hats off to both of you ..malavika n ajay koli ..

  11. Suprb photos ...
    Hats off to both of you ..malavika n ajay koli ..


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