Wednesday, 31 October 2012


I've always refrained from classifying my style into a particular genre, instead choosing to believe that it's very varied and versatile; but I think it's high time I start being honest to myself, if not anyone else. I love Bohemian and I dress Bohemian, and I've been loving it way before since it's been so mainstream.
 More than how bohemian looks, I love how it makes me feel- carefree, independent, experimental, artistic and wanderlusty. Everything I wear, even the chic, classy looks, have some bohemian element conferred to them. 
They say how you dress, your style, strongly portrays your personality and train of thought. I find it stupid when people blindly copy looks and style, because that's another person's style, not yours. Follow trends, borrow styles, but take a particular trend or style and infuse it into your own individual style, don't totally emulate another person, then you're dressed as that person, not yourself. There's a vast difference between taking inspiration and thoughtlessly copying, don't fall into the latter bracket.
What makes any outfit, or any attire tick is how different it is, how much individuality it possesses. Never blindly follow fashion, try understanding it.

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 Dress: Thrifted
Hand accessories: Hill Road
On my Nails: Indulgence by Maybelline
On my Lips: Pleasure me red by Maybelline.
Hair feathers: Something special at Hill road, Bandra

Photographs by Ajay Koli.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

DIY: Sequin Patches

I spotted this brilliant DIY on A pair and a spare, and immediately wanted to try it!
 It's the most amazing way to turn a dull blazer/sweater into something preppy and interesting. 
I thought I'd post some pictures of how it turned out when I tried it for myself.

You will need:

-A blazer/sweater 
-Sequin material (I personally love bronze coloured sequin, it's classy and sexy)
-Thread (preferably in the color of the sequin fabric, for obvious reasons)
-A sheet of paper and pencil
-Paper pins

I used an oversized grey sweater that I flicked from my dad's cupboard, mainly because he hardly ever uses it, also, the fact that it's Zara and that I'm digging the whole oversized- sweaters/ tops-on-well-fitting-bottoms trend, just added to it.

Bronze sequin material picked up from a local Andheri fabric store. (Inbox me here, if you need details of the store)



Trace your palm out on a sheet of paper, which will give you a rough oval patch.


Take the oval cutout, and pin it to the sequin fabric neatly. Makes it easier to cut out the fabric without much fuss.

Pin it up at 4-5 corners at least, make sure it's firm enough.


Cut out the fabric along the shape of the paper patch.

One for each sleeve.


Mark the spots on the garment, where you want the patches to be placed, and pin up the patches so it's sturdy enough while sewing them on.

P.S. I suggest, try on the sweater once after pinning up the patches, before sewing them on, to see if they're placed accurately and not at an odd spot.


Sew them onto the sleeves. If you have a sewing machine at home, the task only becomes much more faster and easier.

And 20 minutes was all it took.

Will do an outfit post with it soon, to show you how it looks once worn. :)

P.S. If you too happen to try this, would love to see pictures of it. Inbox on fb/mail. :)

Thursday, 25 October 2012


So after months of waiting, I'm finally on Instagram; and being the massive photo-lover that I am, this has pretty much been the highlight of the week for me. :D 

Sharing some of the snaps here.

Rings picked up from Hill road at Rupees 50 each. Such a steal deal!

Gold studdded Zara jacket I'm currently lusting after.

I can never have too many of these.

 Sequins & pearls. Such a lovely combination.

Ajay & Me 

Retarded poses are a must in front of the mirror. 

*Inserts heart-eyed smiley* 

My metallic scarf, retro black pants and orange top. Made for such a fabulous combo when worn together. 

Owl pants..owl pants..I WANT!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Five Things

I picked up some bronze sequin fabric to do a DIY on the blog. Stay tuned for it. :)

Digital prints can never match the beauty of actual prints.

Unwaveringly obsessed with pink flowers? Always.

The last book I read. Such a brilliant piece of work.

A snippet of the next outfit post. Shall put it up within a few days, as soon as I get the pictures from the photographer. :)

Sunday, 14 October 2012


This denim shirt has become a wardrobe staple for me (Worn as a jacket here, and worn with red pants here). Each day, while browsing through international fashion blogs, photographs and outfit inspirations, I only end up uncovering several new ways of wearing it. Buttoning up the collar infuses a more chic look to the shirt, and the brooches add a kitsch element to the entire attire. But, yes, It's high time I shove this shirt deep inside my closet, and not take it out for several weeks; there's pretty much been an overdose of it.
Also, brooches are the easiest and funkiest way to lift an outfit from 'drab to fab'(as the saying goes). Also, you will always find brooches that match your style and personality, you get jeweled ones, kinky ones, feminine ones, etc, etc. The best place to pick up brooches of every kind is Hill Road in Bandra, the little streets and stalls scattered around the street will never ever disappoint you.

 Grey shorts: Alcott
Suede shoes: Zara
Sunglasses Brooch: It's so ancient, and has been in my drawer for so long, I don't even remember where I picked it up from.
'Love' Brooch pin: Something special (Bandra).

Photography By : Cosmic Religion