Thursday, 18 October 2012

Five Things

I picked up some bronze sequin fabric to do a DIY on the blog. Stay tuned for it. :)

Digital prints can never match the beauty of actual prints.

Unwaveringly obsessed with pink flowers? Always.

The last book I read. Such a brilliant piece of work.

A snippet of the next outfit post. Shall put it up within a few days, as soon as I get the pictures from the photographer. :)


  1. Would you believe it! I bought a similar fabric to do a bit of stitching of my own! BTW, those are some lovely pictures you've got printed :)

  2. lovely post! so true about the photo prints...and the book intrigues me..

  3. aunty looks soo youmg and beautiful at this age !! amazing digital prints !!kep it up !!

  4. Love you blog, and I really want to ready, that book,you should post a review,oh and if you have time please check out my blog, , thank you


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