Monday, 4 June 2012

Coloured Pants

Photographs By: Ronak Kakkad

We live in a city and hail from a generation which is completely in awe for the western culture. We borrow inspiration, and more often than not even blatantly imitate western films, style, way of living, art and even fashion. We fancy the idea of strutting around the city in short skirts and going to college wearing hot pants, but let's face it, even though we reside in a metropolitan which is relatively progressive, it isn't progressive enough. Men ogle at women and pass comments, and wearing skimpy clothes or indulging in even a little skin show of any kind draws unnecessary attention, which isn't particularly thrilling. 
I more often than not avoid wearing skirts, dresses, when travelling by trains or buses and try adding the fun element to my attire by indulging in different kinds of bottoms. Invest in coloured bottoms, khakhi pants, jeggings, if you're bored of the conventional blue jeans(which can get boring at times, but NEVER will be out of style). I picked up these green jeans from Zara a while back and it's one of the most versatile items in my closet and the moment, the best thing being I can wear it to numerous places and in numerous ways.