Wednesday, 28 March 2012

French Summer

-Pants-Forever New-
-Sling Bag-Accessorize-
-Neckpiece-Hill Road-
-Evil Eye Bracelet-Turkey(Present from my father)-

I seldom have the habit of wearing something just because it's in vogue, and I more often than not dress according to my mood and try not sticking to a particular style or way of dressing on a regular basis. One day it's a bohemian attire that finds its way out of my closet, and the exact next day it might be an elegant, chic, minimal dress. As the clinche goes, variety is the spice of life. There are so many exotic, vibrant, intriguing styles to choose from. Why stick to only a particular one out of sheer habit? It's extremely difficult breaking out of a style mould you have created for yourself over the years; It's so comfortable and safe, one avoids venturing out of it. But if once in a while, you try breaking out of that mould, and start experimenting with the innumerable styles and patterns and clothing out there at your disposal, you might discover something that thrills you more, looks better on you and more importantly, something you feel reflects your personality and your inner state of mind . 
Dressing up, like everything else in life is an art. And art, if not indulged in and experimented with on a regular basis, ends up becoming drab and boring and loses its shine. It's vital to keep playing with it to keep it fresh and interesting. Play around with layering, with hairstyles, with accessories, with make up-with anything and everything, as long as it contributes to your growth as someone who gratifies oneself through the art of fashion.

Coming back to this post, I think by far this was the quickest shoot Syddharth and me have had. We wrapped up the shoot in not more than 20 minutes as both of us had plans to rush to Causeway after it :P
I've infused a Boho look(using the tribal printed top from Zara) with a retro look, inspired from the seventies(with the high waist flare pants). Also, the neckpiece I am wearing contributes to the existing Bohemian feel of the attire, and the black sling bag and the pumps balance it out with a chic touch to it.

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Thursday, 22 March 2012

My Heart Will Always Be a Hippie

Photography: Syddharth Mate

Black Jeans: Zara
Colourful top:Hill Road
Feathers in my hair: Hill Road
Feather accessories for hair: Hill Road
Bag: Malaysia(Gift from my father)
Owl Ring: Aldo

Hippie style has always intrigued and fascinated me immensely.
There are no set of rules or codes of conduct while dressing up hippie. Hippie dressing usually comprises of a lot of colorful, comfortable clothing, funky pieces of jewelry; beaded necklaces, bangles, feather accessories, bandanas/headbands and psychedelic prints. Indian hippies usually don a lot of rudraksha pieces and kurtis which have chants or mantras printed on them.
A hippie look is grounded in respect for the organic world, with a lot of love for music, art and freedom of expression.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Norwegian Wood

Photography: Aayushi Lahiri

Photo-editing: Syddharth Mate