Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Thistle & Weeds

I'll tell you the easiest and safest way to jazz up simple outfits, anything from layered clothes to a plain cotton tee with jeans- 
  • Opt for a plait(either the basic one or a fancier style, if you're well versed with how to make one)

 Any other casual yet interesting hairdo. Take a break from the usual 'leaving the hair open all the time' and experiment. If you aren't comfortable tying up your hair entirely, at least play around interestingly--pin up the top portion of your hair in cute ways/make a puff.

  • Wear aviators or a retro styled sunglass, they make for statement pieces and how! The primary aim is to pull focus onto the face and make the face look stylish, instead of the clothes.

  • Choose a bright shade of lipstick, advisably a good shade of red, something which prominently stands out and grabs attention.

Opt for a lipstick shade that will pop out and make a statement. Three of the shades that blend brilliantly with the Indian skin tone are:



Shades of Burgundy-                    

 I'm a person who doesn't fancy glossy shades when it comes to lipsticks, I keep it safe and a little toned down with matt shades. Also, for those who feel uneasy opting for a bright red or burgundy or anything very dark, peach is the safest option. It stands out and at the same time looks extremely natural.

Denim shirt:  From a street stall in Pune
Top:  Vero Moda
Ring:  Hill Road
Aviators:  Ray ban
On my lips:  Pleasure me red by Lakme

Also, a big thank you to Ajay for the photographs. You can check out more of his work here--The Green Hearts

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Watch the waves

Style is not just always knowing what to wear, but also knowing what not to wear. They say accessories can make a good outfit, but they can also break a good outfit. It's very important to not go overboard with stuff and envelope yourself with so many things that the beauty of the dress has reduced tenfold by the time you're done styling it up. Keep it minimalistic. If you have a pretty dress, a simple good neckpiece or hairpiece or a brooch should be enough to keep it looking good, don't don more than the dress can handle and end up ruining the prettiness of it all.

P.S. I wore this dress for my birthday last month. :)

I'm wearing a dress from Zara, footwear from westside and neckpiece from hill road.

Photos By: Ajay Koli