Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sale Reviews.


This is that one sale most of us start saving up for months in advance and as the month of January approaches, we start examining all the newspapers on a daily basis so as to not miss out on that one ad which says 'Zara: Now on sale'.
I went for the Zara sale the day it started and saying that it was noisier than a fish market would clearly be an understatement. Those of you who happened to go for it on the first/second day will get what exactly I'm talking about here. Personally, I didn't think the sale was all that great. It was a good bargain if it was footwear you wanted to buy(Pumps,Boots,Ballerinas, etc) or even blazers in various colors and fittings as a matter of fact. But clothes, not so much. 
As for me, I picked up a lace top, a metallic scarf and a pair of golden pumps I'd been eyeing for months :)

UPTO 70% off

In my opinion, the Forever New sale is way better than any other sale going on right now. 70% discount of various items ensures that you get super stylish things for a dirt cheap rate! You get a wonderful bargain on high-waist pants(plain black, brown and black with white polka dots), tops in various styles, dresses(party wear and causal), jeans, etc.  Forever New also has some really good hats in their current collection which can take an outfit from casual to chic in a matter of seconds. Certainly one sale you shouldn't miss out on!
And yes, the only thing I picked up from the sale was a knitted top(budget constraints. Any more shopping and my parents would've gladly kicked me out of the house :P)


I've come across a lot of people who've loved the mango sale, but I hated it. Most of the items hardly have a good discount and the ones which are well discounted are things that wouldn't really catch your fancy. There's no point in shopping from a sale like this when there are better stores out there who give you way better deals.
You can afford to skip this one.


The Vero Moda sale is decent. Not bad, at the same time nothing great. If you're lucky you might get something you'll really like and which fits you well. But yes, if you're on a lookout for some really well fitting casual T-shirts, this is the place for you. I'm extremely selective about the kind of T-shirts I wear and all the ones I currently own have been picked up from Vero Moda.

I've reviewed 4 of the stores that I visit most often and usually pick up things from. If there's any other store/sale you'd like to get reviewed from me or anything you want to know about them, feel free to comment here or write to me at pinkstrck@gmail.com.

:) Malavika.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Us Against the World

Photographs By: Kinshuk.
Photo-editing: Malavika.

Top: Hill Road
Skirt: Zara
Pumps: Zara

As we enter into another year, we see almost everybody around us making new year resolutions. I've never been a person who's believed in resolutions and even if i make one I seldom follow it, so its basically been pointless for me. But over these years I've realized, it's good to have new year resolutions. You might not end up following all of them eventually, but one good thing it does is, it gives you hope. A lot of hope. It makes the future seem nice, bright and shiny. And this hope of it being nice, bright and shiny fills you with Love. With Hope.With Positivity. With Energy.

So everybody out there who's reading this, I wish you lots of love, success and an awesome year ahead. May it be as nice, bright and shiny as it can get! :D