Wednesday, 31 October 2012


I've always refrained from classifying my style into a particular genre, instead choosing to believe that it's very varied and versatile; but I think it's high time I start being honest to myself, if not anyone else. I love Bohemian and I dress Bohemian, and I've been loving it way before since it's been so mainstream.
 More than how bohemian looks, I love how it makes me feel- carefree, independent, experimental, artistic and wanderlusty. Everything I wear, even the chic, classy looks, have some bohemian element conferred to them. 
They say how you dress, your style, strongly portrays your personality and train of thought. I find it stupid when people blindly copy looks and style, because that's another person's style, not yours. Follow trends, borrow styles, but take a particular trend or style and infuse it into your own individual style, don't totally emulate another person, then you're dressed as that person, not yourself. There's a vast difference between taking inspiration and thoughtlessly copying, don't fall into the latter bracket.
What makes any outfit, or any attire tick is how different it is, how much individuality it possesses. Never blindly follow fashion, try understanding it.

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 Dress: Thrifted
Hand accessories: Hill Road
On my Nails: Indulgence by Maybelline
On my Lips: Pleasure me red by Maybelline.
Hair feathers: Something special at Hill road, Bandra

Photographs by Ajay Koli.


  1. Love the print on the dress and the feather!

  2. omg I was waiting for this post from the day you should us a preview, love the outfit. I also nominated you for the Liebster blogger Award! check out my blog for more details, Enjoy!

    1. omg I for some weird reason was rereading my comment,and realized it made like no sense. here is what I was trying to say!

      "omg, I have been waiting for this post since the day you showed a preview of it. I love your outfit, and your blog, so I nominated you for the Liebster Award!. check out my blog for more details;

      (I am sorry for recomment, now my life is complete)

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  4. lovely dress!!
    But there should have been a full length pic of the dress... cant c d whole look :(
    And gr8 post... i totally agree on how bohemian looks make u feel...
    I think Phoebe Buffay is everything that defines true Bohemia... Love her n her style!

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  5. The photography is amazing and you look gorgeous!

  6. You look so refreshing! And the confidence, Amazing!

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