Friday, 21 December 2012

Neon & Lace

Photographs By Ajay

Top: Mango
Lace Skirt: Zara
Pumps: Zara
Clutch: Forever New
Earrings: Cleosara
(You can check out more of their collection on their website)

I haven't been a very big fan of the Neon Trend, but this top looked just too pretty when I spotted it at the Mango sale a few months back. I wore it with my off-white lace skirt from Zara which I've been in love with this ever since I purchased it, my only complaint being this city rarely gives me any occasion to slip into it. One BIG question we women face(at least a lot of us) is-"I want to dress up. But where do I dress up and GO?" This happens to me all the time, especially because I'm not much of a party person, so I seldom get chances to get all decked up and go out. Also in Mumbai if you are walking on the streets "too dressy", people look. No wait- They STARE. So getting dressed just because you feel like it and going out also gets uncomfortable after a point.
I hate this city more and more each day. A lot of you might feel differently, but I'm expressing my personal opinion here. It's one of the most uninspiring cities I've been to/lived in. There are so many weekends and evenings where I'm planning an outing with my best friends or boyfriend, and there's this one big question that perpetually looms over us- Where to go? What to do?
Apart from malls and over-crowded restaurants, the city gives us very limited options. And the places, if any, which are even remotely interesting take forever to get to thanks to the eternal traffic jams that punctuate the city.

But someday I'll escape from this city, you know. Someday.


  1. I shared the same thoughts when I lived in Delhi. It is as much crowded as any other metro city in India. Where to go, what to do on weekends, where to wear that sexy LBD or that super-mini skirt - Never got answers to these questions. Luckily when I moved to Phoenix, USA I can wear whatever I want, anywhere anytime, with out people looking or starting at me! I can completely related to, what you are feeling here.
    The answer to this question is - ignore those stares, give a damn, wear what you want, go where you want to! And that, my friend will make life more fun! :)

  2. loved your skirt gal :)
    Really, you've a great sense of style. :)

  3. Love your outfit..cute skirt!!
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  4. I loved how the complete outfit looks so soothing but so much chic!
    Nothing very loud but everything steals the show. :)

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    The Style Cocktail

  5. It's the same story in Calcutta too! After a point, there's just no place to go and people give you disapproving looks when you're all decked up! Though I must admit, this city does have a charm!
    Love the skirt on you!

  6. these Pics r too gud Malavika.... loved the outfit of urs, *as always......
    these pics are Photoshoped ???????

  7. There's really no place to escape to. I don't remember who said it but i found it rather true, The only problem with life is that it is too long. Living a year in a city would be great, but as soon as you start getting accustomed to the place, it becomes boring. We as people are meant to roam the world in the few years we have. Wanderers, we are, and that's all we'll ever be. :)

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  9. Bitter truth calls for better realities... The dress here looks awesome... the neon top adds wonder tot he beautiful combination... but the fact is that... you wear it.... and they stare at it... and the only lame reply they have to the asked question "why" is that "why not? isn't that the reason you wore it?". well... why they forget I may have a personnel choice...and that they definitely ain't the reason of wearing that gorgeous outfit...

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