Tuesday, 4 December 2012

An Afternoon

These were clicked on a rather lazy afternoon we(Aayushi, Syd and me) spent at my place. Not very meaningful pictures, but I'm in love with the way Syddharth captures things- people and objects alike. I'm a sucker for beautiful images and I can't help but notice how much he has evolved as a photographer and an artist through the years. I've been in love with his work since the first time I saw it, and with every new photograph of his, he only reinforces my opinion.

All pictures here are by Syddharth.

Love at the window.

Tiny colourful kandils adorning the balcony.

 Mundane little things that make you happy


 No, I'm not always up for posing.

 Vanity is a mirror's best friend.

 We went ribbon shopping. The original plans we had with this didn't really fall into place though.

My camera got a colorful makeover by Aayushi.

Badges are fun.


Thoughts on the post..