Friday, 22 April 2011

steal deal!

Hi everybody,
I have been so busy with work(I'm interning this summer) that i haven't had any time at all to do a outfit post even though I've been longing to try out so many different styles and looks this season! Argh!
Hopefully, I'll have some free time soon and will come up with an outfit post as fast as i can! :D

Now coming back to this post, i went to Bandra around 2 days back for some work and ended up at hill road(one of my top shopping destinations in Mumbai) after my work got done. If you go street shopping there right now, they have some of the most amazing deals and stuff ever! i just couldn't stop myself from picking up whatever i could lay my hands on! And it was there that i came across this vendor selling flat gladiators for JUST Rs.100!
It was a complete steal and i just couldn't resist it! I picked up these in three different shades(black, golden and white)! :D
so if you're going shopping around Bandra or have been longing for flat gladiators this summer, Hill Road is the place for it!
They have it in shades of black, white, brown, silver, golden.

location: In front of the Bata outlet at Hill Road,Bandra.

These are pictures of the black and golden gladiators I picked up, if you like it go graB your own pair ASAP! :D



  1. wow the gold ones are insanely fabulous.

    I've been wanting a pair in silver, too bad I don't live in Bombay.
    Loving your blog definitely following!!!

    drop by mine sometime=]

  2. p.s.- The nailpolish is adorable!

  3. They look gorgeous specially the gold ones!

  4. thank you so much aditi and aayushi! :)

  5. The gold gladiators look gorgeous!

  6. yes, they absolutely do!
    if your going to bandra side anytime soon, go grab a pair asap! :D

  7. When? When? When?!

  8. OMG I just came across your blog...totally loved it... And oh yeah I think the golden gladiators are pure awesome :D


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