Friday, 24 August 2012

Accessory storage

How to store accessories in a neat yet pretty manner is something that has baffled me since forever. Since a long time now I've been storing my jewelry in small transparent plastic zip pouches, especially the metallic ones to prevent them from deteriorating and losing their sheen. Though it helps me keep them organized, I've always wished for a fancier packaging method.
I stumbled upon these little boxes during the Accessorize sale that was going on last month, and they make the cutest, prettiest little boxes for my jewelry. Wrap your little items in bright, pretty crepe paper and and stack them into these boxes. You can label the boxes if you want to categorize them, to make it more convenient while picking them out.


  1. from where did you get them :O they are super cute! please let me know even am in search of something like these :)
    thankyou :)

  2. They are so pretty! They are also perfect as gift boxes for jewellery.
    I recently did a similar post on storing and organising makeup
    Would do another one for jewellery too


  3. nice post.


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