Monday, 20 February 2012


Colaba Causeway is one of the trippiest places in Mumbai.
 The place has got such tremendous character, such a strong essence, you end up discovering a new facet of it every single time you go there.
 The shops, the jewelry, the eateries, the hippies, the lights, the smells, the colours, the antiques, the clothes, the trinkets, the art..all these elements integrate and form a melting pot of a sort which is just too exhilarating to experience.
Next time you visit the place, give the shopping a miss and just indulge in exploring. Even better, head there with a camera if possible. With the place having such strong aesthetics, I promise it won't be a disappointment. :)

These pictures were taken a few months back while Sydhharth and me where on one of our random trips to the place. I was in no mood to pose/get clicked, but Syddharth, being the photography loyalist he is, HAD to get a few shots or his day would be incomplete. :P
Causeway is best experienced when you're in a hippie mood, and I get into quite a hippie zone whilst in Causeway. Hence the Rudraksha, feathers in the hair and the tasseled footwear. 

Syddharth also managed to get a few shots there, which formed its way into a tiny video.
Check out this one for a better quality of the same: Vimeo.

the causeway. from Syddharth Mate on Vimeo.


  1. I have visited Bombay once and I liked Colaba, the best! :)
    U r beautiful!


  2. Loved the video!


  3. I have never been to The causebay...will go after my 12 th for sure. Anyway I love the hippie look, especially the tasseled shoes and how amazing is the vid!!

  4. Omg...i did a post on Colaba Causeway JUST the other are so right about the aesthetics! Every scene is just so camera-ready! haha..

    check it out:)


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