Saturday, 22 October 2011

That Lethal Combination.

Hello Everybody :)

On a completely random note, one of the questions i get asked the most is 'You have so many outfits! How often do you shop?!'. Let me tell you, funnily I don't shop all THAT often(My mother might disagree on this, but this is my take on the matter :P). I do go street shopping at least once every month, hunting on the streets of Colaba Causeway or Hill road,Bandra for little curios and cute funky ornaments, as these places seem to be a treasure trove of such items! The reason for me having such a mass accumulation of clothes is because its a collection of all that I've been buying and responsibly preserving(again, mom might disagree on this one) since about the past few years :)

Now coming back to the post, we've all heard tremendously about what a classic combination the colours Black and White make, what we don't hear about all that often though is how gorgeous the above mentioned combination looks with a hint of the colour grey in the scene.
These are some random pictures from over the internet, but i couldn't help but notice how gorgeous they look!

Lots of Love,

Malavika :)


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